We know a migraine attack can prevent you from getting the education you deserve. The resources here will help you get the support you need, and learn how lifestyle changes can impact your migraine and how to advocate for yourself.


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children with migraine


The more you know about migraine, the more you and others understand it’s not just a headache.

children with migraine

Education Services

Resources are available for students with more severe migraine.

children with migraine

Support Groups

Students and parents are not alone. Find support groups here.

children with migraine

Migraine 101

Everything you need to know about migraine disease.

children with migraine


Listen and learn more!


Lifestyle tips & tools

Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference for your students with migraine.

children with migraine

Additional Resources

There are so many tools and resources to help those with migraine. Find out more.

children with migraine


There are devices that are FDA approved for migraine treatment for adolescents. Learn more about these devices.


Additional Headache Diseases

Migraine isn't the only headache disease. Learn more.