9 Items Your Kid Needs for Their Migraine Toolkit

School is back in session! What can you do to help your kiddo have the best school day possible when they live with migraine? Put together a migraine toolkit. Here are 9 items you can add.

1. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important to preventing and helping a migraine attack. Having a water bottle with them in class means they are more likely to drink water throughout the day.


migraine toolkit2. Headphones

Too much noise can trigger or make a migraine attack worse. Having something to reduce or cancel out the noise around them can make a huge difference. This one may require a note and kids should know that they may need to not use them during the actual lecture part of class.


Migraine Toolkit3. Medications

Make sure you work with the school nurse to ensure your child has the medications they need in their migraine toolkit. This could be both preventive and acute medications you have as part of your treatment plan.


Migraine Toolkit4. Sunglasses or Migraine Glasses

Many people who have migraine are sensitive to light. Having sunglasses can help! There are companies that make special migraine glasses you can get if you think they need more than the sunglasses.


Migraine Toolkit5. SNACKS!!

Make sure your child has plenty of healthy snacks they can eat throughout the day. Like staying hydrated, making sure they keep themselves from being hungry can help prevent or help an attack.


Migraine Toolkit6. Essential Oils

This one depends on your child’s triggers. Many find relief using certain oils or a migraine stick. If scent is an issue for your kiddo, skip this one!


7. Ice Pack

Pack those lunches with ice packs they can also use on their face or head when they feel an attack coming on. They can also always ask the nurse for one, but it’s easier if they just have it on hand and ready to go.


8. Neuromodulation Device

There are amazing devices out there that are FDA approved for adolescents. Work with the school nurse if this is part of your child’s treatment plan. Learn more about devices here.


9. Physician Letter

For many of the items above you may need to get official accommodations through the school via a 504 plan. The best place to start to get the accommodations your child needs is a letter from your child’s health care provider. You can find a sample letter here.


Learn more about accommodations and get more resources on the Parent Page of the site.